Publications and Products

The Institute has published three monographs in the area of philosophy and theology. These are: a) Jewish Thought in Context, b) Maimonides Principles and c) Judaism in the Prism of the Sciences. It has also published other studies in the Institute’s Journal of Judaism and Civilization.

Apart from a variety of publications in the area of aesthetics, the Institute has been involved in collaborative projects, of which one of the most significant is a limited edition of silk screen prints of “Images of Tanya” (based on the second book of the classic of Chassidic philosophy and theology, Tanya). This was done with the nationally and internationally renowned artist, Victor Majzner. See the publications page under the Journal of Judaism and Civilization cumulative index and Fine Arts for the involvement of the Institute in actual artworks.

Books and Monographs

Journal of Judaism and Civilization

Fine Arts