The Images of Tanya


In recent years the Institute for Judaism and Civilization completed a special project with one of Australia’s greatest artists, Victor Majzner: a limited edition of 120 folios each of 10 hand-made silk screen images depicting concepts from the second book of Tanya, The Gate of Unity and Belief (Sh’ar Hayichud v’ho’emunah). The artist (together with master print maker Shaike Snir) produced these images after learning this mystical work with the Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization, Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen over the course of a year.


Majzner's work, which includes art for his Australian Haggadah, is represented in virtually all major State and National collections in Australia as well as in overseas collections. Macmillan in 2002 published a book on his art, entitled Earth to Sky - The Art of Victor Majzner. The book pictures and describes each of the ten silk screen prints of the Images of Tanya.


The present limited edition of silk screen prints is very important, not simply because of its artistic merit, but also because it represents an artistic commentary on a profound - universal - spiritual tradition. It is rare case of the union of strong religious content and major artistic talent.


Approximately 20 sets or folios have so far been sold (see “owners” for some of the institutions which have acquired sets) both in Australia and internationally. The prints individually measure 76.5 by 56.5 cm (approximately 30 X 22 inches) and come with silk-screen printed descriptive captions which can be framed together with the images. The Institute for Judaism and Civilization is mounting a special promotion  of this artwork.  


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