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Focus area: Religious Tradition and Aesthetics, Philosophy and Theology


The culmination of the Institute’s work on the relationship between religious tradition and aesthetics is one of the published books of the Director, Aesthetics and the Divine

This is the fruit of various seminars held on the relationship of visual art, literature and music as well as on the theory and pedagogy of religious fine arts. Consult here the cumulative index of the Institute’s Journal of Judaism and Civilization for articles arising from these events. It also arose significantly from the interaction and collaborative work of the Institute with a group of creative artists, to be inspected in a group of individual Fine Arts artworks.

In the areas of philosophy and theology, the Institute has published three volumes in the series Monographs in Judaism and Civilization . These are Jewish Thought in Context , Maimonides’ Principles and The Theory of Knowledge – Perspectives from Sinai.

For articles arising from symposia of the Institute in these areas consult the cumulative index of the Institute’s Journal of Judaism and Civilization under the subject headings of “Judaism and the Arts” and “Torah Studies”.

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