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Focus area:  the Natural Sciences the Tradition from Sinai


The Institute is interested in the philosophical foundations of the natural sciences and the question of the relation of their knowledge to truths delivered in the tradition from Sinai in the Torah tradition.

It has published a monograph in the Institute’s series Monographs in Judaism and Civilization on this subject, entitled Torah and the Natural Sciences, spanning the subjects of mathematics, physics, biology and medicine to the Torah tradition. Some of these essays reproduce material published in the journal B’Or HaTorah and a volume dedicated to the work of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbinic Theology and Jewish Intellectual History, edited by M. S. Seidler.

The Institute has held conferences on Judaism and Bioethics and symposia on the relation of the Tradition to other special natural sciences with the participation of Professor Avraham Hasofer, Associate Professor John Schuster, Professor Yaakov Friedman, Professor Yaakov Brawer and others.

A number of articles arising from these conferences and symposia have been published in the Institute’s Journal of Judaism and Civilization in the cumulative index under the subject headings of “Judaism and Bioethics” and “Religion and the Natural Sciences”.

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