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Focus area: Society, Law and Politics and the Tradition from Sinai


The Institute’s Interest in the application of the ethics from the Tradition from Sinai to Society, Law and Politics has from the outset been coupled with its interest in the Noahide laws – the ethical prescriptions of the Torah for human society and culture at large. Amongst the earliest conferences of the Institute were those held on the Noahide Laws and on the interface of Torah and secular law. Participants in the Institute’s symposia in this area have been a former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Justice Murray Gleeson, Professor Robert George of Princeton, Justice Alan Goldberg of the Federal Court of Australia and Justice J. Santamaria and Justice M. Moshinsky, both of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Professors John Finnis of Oxford University and Professor Tracey Rowland. See the cumulative index of the Institute’s Journal of Judaism and Civilization for articles arising from these symposia under the headings of “Judaism, Law and Public Policy” and “The Noahide Laws”.

Several books of the Director have now been published in this general area: Politics and Universal Ethics , The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws and two volumes of Contemporary Politics and Social Policy Through the Lens of Traditional Faith and Universal Ethics. Politics and Universal Ethics had bipartisan launches in all State Parliaments of Australia as well as a launch in the Federal Parliament. The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws carries letters of support from the Governor General of Australia, The King of Morocco and the President of the European Union.

There are now four online video-lecture courses relating to work in this area of the Institute’s activity.

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